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Forbidden City Tour Tips

For people who are going to do Forbidden City tours in Beijing, TopChinaTravel would like to offer you some tips to have a nice trip in this famous attraction.

General Forbidden City Sightseeing Route: Central Axis Route (See the blue marks)

Forbidden City Map
From A to G are:
A: Gate of Heavenly Peace (Tiananmen)
B: Meridian Gate (Wu Men)
C: Supreme Harmony Gate (Tai He Men)
D: Palace Museum including Hall of Supreme Harmony (Tai He Dian), Hall of Middle Harmony (Zhong He Dian), and Hall of Preserving Harmony (Bao He Dian)
E: Earthly Tranquility Palace (Kun Ning Gong)
F: Imperial Garden
G: Exist Divine Military Genius Gate (Shen Wu Men).

Forbidden City Do’s and Don’ts

► Forbidden City can be one of the China attractions with lot of visitors every day, so keep your tour guide’s pace carefully otherwise you may miss in the crowded people.
► You have to enter Forbidden City from its southern gate (connecting Tian’anmen Square) and exit from its northern gate, which is officially set as a one-way south to north travel route. Generally, the visiting hours in this museum is about 3 hours including Tian’anmen Square.
► Some halls of the Palace Museum allow for photographing while some others are banned. Ensure about the rules of some halls.
► Renovated project may cause some halls close
► Our quotation charges entrance fee of most exhibition halls in Forbidden City, excluded the Jewellery Exhibition Hall and Clock Exhibition Hall, fees for each one is CNY 10.

Forbidden City Open Area (The Colored Places)

(Above Map from Forbidden City Official Site)