Longsheng Longji Terraces Travel Tips

For Travel to Longsheng Longji Rice Terraces, Top China Travel could give you some tips for the travel as below:
Location: in Longsheng County, 77km away from Guilin
Opening Hours of the Scenic Area: the whole day
Best Time to Visit: after lunar April 15
1. From May 25 to June 11, when the rice were just transplanted, the terraces are filled with water, the scenery is very beautiful
2. Middle July: the rice just grows up and fields are so green and the weather here is very cool.
3. Before or after Mid-Autumn Day: the whole area is golden.
4: Snowy days in winter from middle Dec. to the next Feb.: there will snow for one or twice in a year. The terraces have special scenery when covered with snow.
Best place to appreciate the beautiful scenery
Seven Star Accompanying the Moon (Qi Xing Ban Yue): the photos taking from this spot are very beautiful, and you can rent ethnic costumes and accessories and take picture wearing them.
Dasai No.1 Scenic Spot: the spot is relatively higher then around spots with altitude of 955m. It is a good place for watching the sunrise and sunset. It is a little far and may take you about 45 m from the village. It is good to take picture of terraces in backlighting in afternoon here.
Dasai No.2 Scenic Area: a little far, good for watching sunrise.
Dasai No. 3 Scenic Area (Da Mao Gai): the furthest, highest, and most grand spot for watching the sceneries.
Local Food
You should never miss the Longji local chicken which boiled with spring water. The price is around 50 yuan. Also there are some special foods as bamboo mouse, turtle and wild bees which brave tourists could have a taste.