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Join ourSino-US Culture Exchange Program and get US$1140 reduction! The purpose of the Sino-US Culture Exchange Program is to provide the chance to get close encounter with the local education organization and school in China. The program will last for one month and you will participate in the daily educational activities.After the program, you will take our well-designed China culture tour and enjoy the exclusive experience with us.


1.I am interested in your China Exclusive Culture Discovery tour for 16 days. Can I book the tour only without joining the Culture Exchange Program?

    Sure, you can book this tour only. The Culture Exchange Program is for your consideration which offers a chance to get unbeatable discount in price.

2.I am curious that why the price for 48 days tour appears much cheaper than the 16 days?

    The Culture Exchange Program is sponsored by the local government and non-profit. In order to promote the communication between Chinese and American on culture, sports, education and tourism, the local government will provide roundtrip air tickets from US for who join the program and devote to the local education. We think it will be good opportunity for you if you are also interested in this program.

3.Does the tour include international airfare? What’s the difference between the two tours?

    Yes, the price includes round-trip air tickets between USA and China. If you would like to book the air tickets on your own, we can deduct it from the price. All activities for the two tours remain the same except for the culture exchange program.

4.How could I register for this tour as well as the Culture Exchange Program?

    If you would like to book the 16 days tour, you just need to send us E-mail with your information. Our sales will follow up accordingly. If you are ok with our Culture Exchange Program and want the 48 days tour, you need to follow below steps.

How to sign up the program

1、Meet our Qualification

  • American citizen
  • Male or female, over 18 years old
  • Physical fitness: Health certificate including inspection for Abti-HIV, Syphilis Serology, HBsAg, Anti-HCV

2、Follow the 5 steps to complete the program

  • Step 1 – Send us your info via E-mail
  • Step 2 – Book the tour and make the payment
  • Step 3 – Fly to China and start the culture exchange program for one month
  • Step 4 – Join in the group of the culture tour you book
  • Step 5 – Depart on a flight back to the United States

What you can benefit from the Program

  • Free round trip tickets from the United States
  • In-depth knowledge of Chinese culture
  • Experience the local family and school life
  • Free accommodation during your stay in the school
  • Daily breakfast and lunch during the school time from Monday to Friday

What your Obligation

  • Be engaged in the school culture exchange activities for One Month
  • Be a temporary mentor in the school and interact with the children
  • Take care of the children during outdoor activities
  • Periodical culture exchange meeting with local teachers

Daily Program in the School for your reference

Morning Exchange Activity

  • 1、Educational activities(Tale telling, Singing, Rhythm exercise, Dancing, etc.)
  • 2、Outdoor activities(Play games, Sports, Tap the ball, Cross the footlog, etc.)
  • 3、Life interactions(Manners, Wait in line, Wash hands, Cross the road, Listening, Show respect)

Afternoon Traditional Culture Activity

  • 1、Chinese games(Rope Skipping, Drop the handkerchief, Throw stones, etc.)
  • 2、Chinese arts(Paper-cut, Paper folding, Folk costume and dancing, etc..)
  • 3、Chinese food(Make dumplings, Make sweet soup balls, etc.)

Weekly Traditional Culture Exchange Program

  • 1、Chinese Tea Culture(Recognize Chinese tea, tea set and tea courtesy, etc.)
  • 2、Chinese Incense Culture(Make incense, Paper-cut, Unlock Chinese cross - LubanSuo, etc.)
  • 3、Recital(Traditional ritual, Recital appreciation, Participate in recital, etc.)

Timetable of Sino-US Culture Exchange Program in 2017

Date of registrationin the school

  • Feb.20, 2017
  • Mar.13, 2017
  • Apr.13, 2017
  • May 15, 2017
  • Oct.09, 2017
  • Dec.09, 2017
  • Dec.28, 2017
Please contact us to get more detailed information