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What are the New Changes for Entry-Exit Administration in China During Coronavirus Pandemic?

In March, as China's pandemic situation was gradually brought under control, international airline routes of many domestic airline companies have gradually opened. The issue of entry and exit has become a matter of close concern to international travelers. Here are some new changes for Entry and Exit Administration in China.

1. Do foreigners entering China need to be quarantined for observation?

In accordance with the needs of pandemic prevention and control, various ports have adopted relevant inspection, quarantine and prevention and control measures for people from countries and regions with severe pandemics after entering China, such as measuring body temperature, implementing home or centralized observation. These measures are in line with Chinese laws and regulations. They are not only necessary for pandemic prevention and control, but also effective in preventing the spread of the pandemic across borders, which is beneficial to the prevention and control of pandemics in China and foreign countries.

What are the New Changes for Entry-Exit Administration in China During Coronavirus Pandemic?

2. Are the prevention measures for foreigners the same as for Chinese citizens?

All exit-entry administration authorities (EEA) treat foreign and domestic citizens equally and implement corresponding measures without discrimination. They will fully take care of the parties' legitimate concerns and respect their religion and customs. Upon entry, the community will provide the necessary support and assistance to help solve the practical difficulties in life.

3. How do travelers make health declarations?

All entry and exit personnel are required to make a health declaration. The customs will examine the declaration at the port and strictly check whether there are any symptoms, whether they have been to the area or country where the pandemic occurred within 14 days, as well as they have contact history.

What are the New Changes for Entry-Exit Administration in China During Coronavirus Pandemic?

The declaration card has been translated into more than ten languages, and a Wechat small program has been specially developed. Before leaving the port, the exit personnel can use the mobile phone to fill in the report, generate a QR code, scan the code at the port, check and release, and realize "online reporting, code on through".

4. How to prevent the pandemic from being imported from abroad during the entry and exit stages?

Strict implementation of "three checks, three investigations, and one transfer" for all immigration personnel. "Three checks" is a 100% inspection of health declarations, comprehensive temperature monitoring and screening, and strict medical inspections. Those who are found to have symptoms, or come from a country or region with a severe pandemic situation, or have been exposed to confirmed or suspected cases, must strictly implement the "three investigations": epidemiological investigation, medical investigation, and laboratory inspection.

"One transfer" refers to the implementation of measures such as transfer, quarantine, and observation for persons diagnosed as confirmed or suspected cases, symptomatic persons, and close contacts.

5. What precautions will be taken for international flights?

Before the arrival of an international flight, the National Immigration Management system conducts big data analysis. Relevant personnel from key countries and regions of the pandemic will be pre-screened in advance, and the results of the screening and relevant information will be notified to the customs quarantine department. 

After the entry of an international flight, the border inspection authorities strictly inspected the immigration personnel in accordance with the law and regulations. If they found that they had travel history or residence history in areas where epidemics were prominent overseas, they were notified to the customs for inspection and quarantine.

Strengthen the ventilation and disinfection of aircraft and airports, do a good job of detecting the temperature of incoming and outgoing passengers, strengthen the personal protection and health management of frontline personnel, including crews and security personnel, and timely issue prevention and control guidelines for airlines and airports.

What are the New Changes for Entry-Exit Administration in China During Coronavirus Pandemic?

In response to the spread of pandemics in some countries and regions, the Civil Aviation Administration of China has formulated zoning-level differentiated pandemic prevention and control measures, integrating multiple index such as the pandemic situation and flight operating characteristics of the host country or location to distinguish flight operation risks and implement differentiated management so as to achieve precise prevention and control and fine policy.

6. Will international travel be restricted as the pandemic spreads in many countries?

China will pay close attention to the development of overseas pandemics, strengthen communication and coordination with relevant countries according to changes in circumstances and situations, and reduce unnecessary cross-border travel activities. China hopes to work with foreign countries to do a good job in personnel exchanges and ensure that personnel exchanges and cooperation in various fields are not greatly affected.

7. During the pandemic prevention and control, the visa for foreigners in China has expired, what should I do?

During the pandemic prevention and control period, foreigners in China can automatically extend their residence suspension by two months if it has already expired. Within the extended period, there is no need to go through the extension formalities, and you can still legally stop or stay in China or leave China as usual.

8. How can Chinese citizens staying in affected countries return home?

In response to the issue of Chinese citizens staying abroad, the Civil Aviation Administration has established a coordination mechanism for international flight plans, coordinated weekly Chinese and foreign airlines to arrange flight plans, and issued them regularly. In the next step, we will maintain close contact with our embassies and consulates abroad in accordance with changes in the pandemic situation, and if necessary, arrange overtime or charter flights to take back Chinese citizens abroad.

9. Can citizens check the temporary controls measures of other countries?

On February 7, the National Immigration Administration officially launched the "One-click Entry and Exit Information" inquiry service for inbound and outbound information, providing the public with the temporary entry control measures adopted by relevant countries and regions during pandemic prevention and control, and the port traffic conditions in China.

During the pandemic,  "One-click Entry and Exit Information” inquiry service was released on the National Immigration Administration official website, official Weibo, WeChat public account, and WeChat, Alipay mini-program. Citizens can inquire about the temporary immigration control measures adopted by relevant countries and regions, and the opening and transit time of ports in China. Click to enter.

10. Can foreigners enter or exit as usual during the pandemic prevention period?

After the coronavirus outbreak, the Chinese government adopted a series of powerful response measures. At present, with the exception of the lockdown of the exit channel of Wuhan ports, all port visa agencies in China are still operating normally. And visa exemption transit policy for foreigners are still effective. All land, sea and air ports of China continue to open to the outside.

Foreigners can enter or exit as usual with their valid international travel documents. Foreigners could make reasonable travel arrangements to China and stay or reside in China as usual. Due to entry restrictions adopted by some countries and regions, it is advised that foreigners who need to exit from China, should learn in advance entry requirements of destination countries or regions to avoid financial and time losses in case of any entry refusals.

11. Are travelers allowed to exit and enter through ports of Wuhan?

International travelers can enter China through ports of Wuhan (referring to Wuhan Tianhe International Airport and Hankou ferry terminal). Due to the lockdown of the exit channels of Wuhan ports, exits through any ports of Wuhan can only be permitted with approval.


12.How do foreigners apply for visas, stay or residence permits during the period of pandemic prevention and control?

All exit-entry administration authorities (EEA) in China will be in full service for extension and issuance of visa and stay or residence permits to ensure foreigners' legitimate stay in China. Urgent services for emergency situations will also be provided. Foreigners could make appointments in advance for any applications.

13.How to deal with the situation that a foreigner’s visa, stay or residence permit expires during the pandemic prevention and control?

According to Exit and Entry Administration Law of the PRC, foreigners should exit China or apply for extension at the EEA authorities before the visa, stay or residence permit expires. In light of the relevant laws and regulations and current situation, those who are unable to exit as scheduled or extend the visas, stay or residence permits due to the reason of pandemic prevention and control shall be given a lighter or mitigated or be exempted from punishment by the EEA authorities depending upon circumstances.

14. What should travelers do if suspicious symptoms appear during the entry and exit?

If travelers have symptoms of acute respiratory infection, such as cough and breathing difficulties, they should suspend travels immediately, stay far away from the crowds and seek treatment at the nearest medical institutions. The NIA authorities will provide necessary assistance as well.

15. Could Foreigners go through e-channels as usual?

Some of immigration inspection agencies may close some e-channels for the moment due to current situation of the pandemic prevention and control. Travelers should go through manual inspection channels. It is advised for travelers to follow instructions of NIA officers and go through border clearance formalities according to relevant regulations.

Immigration officers at manual inspection channels may take necessary preventive measures such as taking travelers’ temperatures and making inquiries about travel itineraries and close contacts. Immigration inspection agencies will make efforts to guarantee border inspection waiting time no more than 30 minutes at large ports and smooth border clearance for foreign visitors.

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