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How to Make Personal Protection When Eating Out During COVID-19 Pandemic?

Recently, with the continuous improvement of the covid-19 prevention and control situation in China, many catering establishments are gradually reopening their businesses. So, how can consumers do personal protection during the queuing and dining process?


1.When queuing

Wear masks when queuing to reduce language communication and maintain a safe distance from neighboring customers.

If you sneeze in line, cover your nose and mouth with a tissue or your elbows.

2. When taking meals

When taking meals, avoid touching the surfaces of frequently-contacted items with your hands.

When making a payment, try to choose a non-direct contact electronic payment method such as a QR code to reduce the use of cash for settlement.


3.Before dining

Before dining, choose tables and chairs with clean surfaces and sit near well-ventilated places such as doors and windows, but be careful not to gather.

To pay attention to hand hygiene, you can wash your hands with hand sanitizer under running water or rub your hands with disinfectant.

4.When dining

During meals, take care to keep the inside of the mask clean when removing it to avoid contamination.

Avoid sitting face to face, you can choose to sit in the same direction, more than one meter apart.

Minimize meal times and reduce communication with colleagues. If the restaurant has a large number of people, you should choose to pack and take away.


5.After eating

After dining, you should leave the restaurant immediately to reduce your stay in the restaurant.

National Health Commission: Three Measures Need to Be Taken to Open the Catering Industry

In the process of opening up, the catering industry should do a good job in three aspects.

♦ First of all, the catering business unit must implement the main responsibility of the epidemic prevention and control. Before resuming business, a series of facilities and equipment including tableware, the lobby, private rooms and kitchens, must be thoroughly washed and disinfected.


During business, a person at the restaurant or cafeteria door should be arranged to perform a temperature test on the personnel entering the restaurant. Only when the temperature is normal, can they enter the restaurant. The number of people entering the restaurant should be controlled, and try to make an appointment or rush to dinner.

At the same time, it is necessary to increase the space between the dining tables, strengthen ventilation and cleaning disinfection, and ensure the normal operation of hand washing facilities in washroom to facilitate people to wash their hands. In places such as checkout counters and toilets, be sure to equip quick-drying hand disinfectants.

♦ Secondly, catering staff should wear masks when they are on duty, and do good health monitoring and hand hygiene. Processed food should be separated from raw and cooked. Livestock, poultry, and eggs must be cooked thoroughly. The environment and facilities of kitchens and restaurants, tableware, door handles, elevators, and public toilets should be cleaned and disinfected regularly every day.

♦ Third, the public should take personal precautions when eating, wash their hands before meals, and keep a distance of more than one meter in line. At the same time, it is recommended to eat separately and use public chopsticks.

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