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Hubei Airports Resume Operation Domestic Flights After Coronavirus

After a 63-day suspension, domestic passenger flights at all airports except Wuhan Tianhe Airport in Hubei province resumed on March 30. Starting from 0:00 on March 29, Hubei province resumed domestic passenger flights to all airports except Wuhan Tianhe Airport and cargo flights to all airports in Hubei province. Wuhan Tianhe Airport will also resume domestic passenger flights starting at 00:00 on April 8.


The first flight from Hubei leaves from Yichang

At 0:06 on March 29th, Fuzhou Airlines' FU6779, the first civil airliner flight after the resumption of Hubei, took off from Yichang Three Gorges Airport, and landed smoothly at Fuzhou Changle International Airport at 1.30 am. This is the first commercial passenger flight in Hubei Province after the resumption of domestic passenger flights except Wuhan. It marks the official resumption of flights after a 63-day closure of Hubei civil aviation airport.

Notice on the resumption of civil flights in Hubei province

On the evening of March 27, the Civil Aviation Administration of China formally issued a notice to regional administrations, transportation airlines, AVIC, China National Aviation Fuel, and transportation airports (group) companies on matters related to the resumption of civil aviation flights in Hubei Province.

♦ Passenger flights

1. Starting at 00:00 on March 29, domestic passenger flights at other airports in Hubei Province except Wuhan Tianhe Airport will be resumed.

2. Starting at 00:00 on April 8, domestic passenger flights at Wuhan Tianhe Airport will resume.

3. Due to the needs of covid-19 prevention and control, international passenger flights from Hubei Province airports and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions will not be resumed for the time being; the passenger flights of Hubei Province airports to and from Beijing (including stopped flights) will not be resumed temporarily.

♦ Cargo flights

1. Since 0:00 on March 29, cargo flights at all airports in Hubei Province will resume.

2. Cargo airlines are encouraged to increase domestic and international cargo flights, and passenger airlines are encouraged not to carry passenger transportation materials, and  to do a good job in the supply chain to ensure that transportation is guaranteed.

How to ensure the smooth and safe travel of passengers in each airport?

Luo Guowei, deputy general manager of Hubei Airport Group Co., Ltd., said in an interview with China Central Radio and Television that ensuring safety is of paramount importance.

Luo Guowei introduced: "In terms of covid-19 prevention and control measures, the first is to strengthen the temperature measurement of passengers in accordance with the requirements of early detection, early control, early transfer, and early treatment; the second is to require the elimination of all facilities in the terminal; The third is to open the gap when waiting for flights or checking in; Fourth, timely reminders should be provided to the corresponding service processes and services to ensure foolproofness.

How to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the airport?

Luo Guowei also introduced related measures.

First of all, internally, we must organize personnel to return to work in an orderly manner;

Secondly, we must effectively do defense work to ensure the safety of equipment and facilities;

Thirdly, we must maintain smooth communication of information with the entire operation chain;

Fourthly, we also need to do a good job in the recovery of travel service facilities to ensure that all processes are smooth.


Tips for passengers

►Due to the need for coronavirus prevention and control, passengers need to arrive at the airport 120 minutes in advance to check in.

►Passengers entering and leaving the airport must wear masks. Please take the initiative to maintain a safe distance during check-in, security checks and check-in queues;

►Passengers must present a healthy green code or the health monitoring certificate issued by the local health administrative department, and cooperate with the body temperature test.

►Non-passengers are not allowed to enter the terminal. Passengers without a health code must present a health certificate. Those who cannot scan the code and cannot issue a health certificate will not be released.

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