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How to Make Health Declaration in Chinese Port?

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the General Administration of Customs, under the unified leadership of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, has strictly implemented various laws and regulations, continuously innovated working methods, adopted a number of measures to ensure epidemic prevention and control, and resolutely curbed the spread of the epidemic through ports.

How to Make Health Declaration in Chinese Port?

What is the health declaration card?

In order to further prevent and control the COVID-19 from spreading through the port, the General Administration of Customs issued the “Announcement on Restarting the Health Declaration Card System for Entry and Exit Personnel" on January 26. Entry-exit personnel must make a health declaration to the Customs Health and Quarantine Department, and cooperate with health quarantine work such as temperature monitoring, medical check, and medical inspection.

The health declaration card is a powerful guarantee for the safety and physical health of entry-exit personnel themselves and others. True and accurate health declaration information helps the Customs to understand their health status in a timely manner and make correct judgments based on the content of the declaration.

Customs updated the entry and exit health declaration card four times according to the development of the Covid-19 situation. The fourth version of the health declaration card was officially launched at 0:00 on March 3, 2020. Entry and exit personnel are required to declare their health item by item truthfully.

What are the types of health declaration card?

At present, entry-exit personnel can choose between paper or electronic health declaration. Passengers can fill in a paper health declaration card on-site or use the China Customs WeChat mini program for online declaration in advance. Electronic data is as effective as paper data.

♦ Electronic Health Declaration

To reduce the risk of transmission at port, electronic health declaration is the best option. To declare health through a mobile phone, you only need to fill in the details once, which is especially convenient for passengers traveling multiple times. From filling to checking, the entire process can be 'zero contact', which is conducive to passengers' own security protection. For passengers who are not familiar with the operation of mobile phones, their family and friends can fill in and submit the relevant two-dimensional code page and save it for them within 24 hours in advance.

How to Make Health Declaration in Chinese Port?

♦ Paper Health Declaration Form

Customs staff also accept traditional paper health declarations form. Passengers can collect paper "health declaration cards" at departure ticket counters, on inbound flights, and at the customs exit and entry health quarantine channels.

However, considering that some passengers may have difficulty using electronic declarations, the Customs at the gate will coordinate the port management department to expand the entry and exit health declaration area, add supporting items such as tables and chairs, stationery, and prepare detailed filling out templates. For the elderly with dyslexia, it is recommended to get multiple paper health declaration CARDS in advance, which can be filled in by family and friends.

How to Make Health Declaration in Chinese Port?

How to make a electronic health declaration?

1. Scan the QR code with WeChat to enter the mini program and click on “Health Declaration

How to Make Health Declaration in Chinese Port?

2. Fill out personal information, entry/exit information in detail, including entry/exit type, current port, resident city, etc.
How to Make Health Declaration in Chinese Port?

3. Accurately fill in the valid contact information and the address in the next 14 days. The address must be filled in details to the house number or hotel address.

4. Carefully check the travel history, residence history and contact history within 14 days. Exit personnel should fill in domestic province (autonomous region, municipality) and the specific prefecture-level city; the entry personnel should fill in the country or region and the specific city.

How to Make Health Declaration in Chinese Port?

5. Check the relevant symptoms truthfully. Truthfully mark if you have ever taken antipyretics.

6. Mark whether to accept the COVID-19 test. Submit application and show QR code to customs.

How to Make Health Declaration in Chinese Port?


1. The health declaration card must be filled in truthfully item by item. If concealed or falsely filled in, the relevant responsibilities will be investigated in accordance with the law.

2. After the electronic declaration is completed, it is valid for 24 hours and can be declared in advance.

3. Passengers with red code, please cooperate with customs to make epidemiological investigation and medical investigation.

4. Passengers who have made health declaration via WeChat Mini Program need only show their health declaration code when they actually enter or leave China, and then go through the temperature measuring channel to accept the customs health quarantine.

5. If it is not convenient to apply online, please request a paper version of the "People's Republic of China Entry and Exit Health Declaration Card" and fill it out in advance.

The health declaration mini-program is simple to operate and can complete the declaration in less than 2 minutes each time. It also helps to reduce the risk of infection caused by centralized handwritten declaration aggregation. The per capita clearance time is more saved than paper declaration. Truthful declaration is also a legal obligation undertaken by entry/exit personnel. If entry/exit personnel conceal or falsely report, causing the spread of the epidemic, they will be held accountable according to law.

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