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How can I Apply for a Health Code or Health Declaration?

With the widespread promotion of the global new crown vaccine, the immigration policies of many countries continue to change. Foreigners flying to China must have a double-negative certificate of new crown virus nucleic acid test and serum antibody test to board the plane, which are used for the health code with HS logo or the health declaration with HDC logo, but no longer need to submit the application Provide a certificate of negative nucleic acid test and the "trajectory of travel and health declaration form in the past 14 days".

Who can apply for health code or declaration to China?

Only those with negative nucleic acid and IgM antibody test results (regardless of whether they have inoculated with the new crown vaccine or not) can apply to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate for a health code with the "HS" logo or a health declaration with the "HDC" logo.

How to apply for a health code or health declaration before boarding?

According to the immigration policy, foreigners flying to China should go to the testing agency designated by the embassy or consulate for nucleic acid (pharyngeal swab or deep sputum) and antibody (venous blood) testing on the day or 2 natural days before the flight departure. The time limit by each Chinese consulate is slightly different, so please consult the local embassy, consulate for the final explanation and confirmation.

 Meanwhile, You need to remind the testing agency to promptly file with the Chinese embassy and consulate after issuing the test report, and clearly authorize the testing agency to provide personal information to the embassy and consulate, including but not limited to name, gender, birthday, passport number, test results, etc.

Chinese citizens should apply for a health code with the "HS" logo through the WeChat applet (Prevention Health Code of the international edition 防疫健康码国际版) within 24 hours when they obtain a negative nucleic acid test certificate. Or you can also scan the below QR code to apply for your health code. When submitting the information, in addition to the nucleic acid and the antibody test report, it should also include the itinerary and at least one piece of information that can prove a stay in the departure country for more than 28 days, such as BRP card, student ID, utility bill with name and address or bank statement, recent entry records etc. 


Non-Chinese citizens should apply for a health declaration with the “HDC” logo through the web version of the health declaration. Applicants are requested to use a browser to visit the website: https://hrhk.cs.mfa.gov.cn/H5/ or use a mobile phone to scan the following QR code to enter the login interface (see the figure below). When submitting materials in addition to the nucleic acid and antibody test report, it should also include the itinerary and the valid visa issued by the Chinese embassy .

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