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China Provides 83 Countries with Foreign Aids for Combating Covid-19

The State Council Information Office held a press conference at 10:00 on March 26. Deputy Foreign Minister Luo Zhaohui, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Xu Nanping, Deputy Director of the Health Committee Zeng Yixin, and Deputy Director of the International Development Cooperation Agency Deng Boqing introduced China's international Cooperation and answer questions from reporters.

China has provided foreign assistance to 83 countries

Luo Zhaohui, deputy foreign minister, said: The grace of dripping water should be reciprocated by a gushing spring. China sympathizes with the countries that have suffered from the covid-19 epidemic, and has taken the initiative to provide assistance to countries in need. The Chinese government has provided emergency assistance to 83 countries and international and regional organizations such as WHO and the AU, including medical supplies such as test reagents and masks. This is the most concentrated and wide-ranging emergency humanitarian operation since the founding of the People's Republic of China.

Luo Zhaohui

China's foreign aid mainly includes four forms

1. Sharing experience: China's experience in prevention and control of new crown pneumonia is very precious. The National Health Commission compiled the latest diagnosis and treatment plans, prevention and control plans, and shared them with more than 180 countries and more than 10 international and regional organizations in a timely manner.

2.Technical communication: The National Health Commission has established an online knowledge center and an international cooperation expert database in the field of covid-19 pandemic prevention and control as well as clinical diagnosis and treatment. It has held nearly 30 technical exchange meetings with more than 100 countries and regions through remote video.

3. Dispatching medical expert groups: Up to now, China has sent 7 batches of medical expert groups to five countries including Iran, Iraq, Italy, Serbia, and Cambodia. It also guides medical teams permanently stationed in 56 countries.

4. Medical supplies assistance: China donated US $ 20 million to the WHO for designated purposes such as increasing the coronavirus epidemic prevention capacity of relevant countries and strengthening the construction of public health systems. Aid materials include diagnostic equipment such as testing reagents, masks, protective clothing, isolation goggles, and temperature guns.


How does the China determine which countries to provide aid to

Deng Boqing, deputy director of the international development cooperation agency, responded at a press conference held by the state council's new office, saying that China's foreign aid has always been carried out on the principle of acting according to its ability to help the international community fight against the coronavirus pandemic and reduce the risk of China's overseas import cases.

China's assistance is mainly considered in the following aspects:

① Considering the severity of the local epidemic, medical conditions and lack of medical supplies;
② Considering the specific requirements and needs raised locally
③ Considering the capabilities of the Chinese government itself.


On the premise of fully ensuring the needs of China's anti-epidemic work, the Chinese side has worked out an appropriate assistance plan in line with the principle of acting within its means and doing its best. The specific assistance plan, including the type and quantity of materials, the responsibilities of both sides and the division of tasks, shall be determined by the two governments through consultation.

Deng Boqing also said that for those friendly countries that have supported and helped China fight the coronavirus pandemic, we always keep in mind that we will definitely return in time. At the same time, countries have different abilities. China is grateful for the material assistance of these countries, as well as their political and moral support. China's foreign aid is not only about " You throw a peach to me, I give you a white jade for friendship.", but also firmly believes that " A friend in need is a friend indeed."

China will share data with the world in a timely manner

Since the covid-19 outbreak,

① China's scientific and technological community has the first time to scientifically isolate and identify virus strains and share the entire gene sequence of the virus;

② Establish a treatment plan suitable for patients at different stages; and set up nucleic acid detection and antibody detection in a short time Detection system;

③ On March 16, the recombinant adenovirus vector vaccine has entered the clinical trial stage. At present, many foreign counterparts in the scientific and technological circles have received suggestions and cooperation intentions, and will share data and results with the global scientific and technological community in a timely manner.

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