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China Lifts 76-Day Covid-19 Lockdown on Wuhan

From 0:00 on April 8th, Wuhan lifted the control measures of the passage from Hubei province, and resumed external traffic in an orderly manner. 76 days after the closure, the passage between Wuhan and the outside world was reopened. Economic and social activities in Wuhan changed from "suspended" to "restarted".

China lifts the lockdown on Wuhan

At 0:00 on the April 8th, Gao Yi, the commanding officer on duty, gave instructions at the Wuhan Municipal Public Security Bureau, announcing the lifting of traffic restrictions in Wuhan. Immediately, at the 75 national highways, provincial highways, and highways out of the city, the public security police and related staff have removed the reflective cone barrels, isolated water horses, guardrails and other control facilities one by one. Wuhan officially lifted the control of the Wuhan-Hubei passages and resumed the orderly operation of railways, civil aviation, water transportation and highways.

Wuhan had been sealed off from the outside world since January 23 in an unprecedented effort to contain the outbreak. China ended its lockdown of Wuhan, indicating that the transmission of the covid-19 pandemic has been basically stopped in the main battlefield of Wuhan in China. Major progress was made in controlling the epidemic, and the restoration of economic and social order was accelerated.

China lifts the lockdown on Wuhan

Even if the border is reopened in Wuhan after 76 days, some restrictions will remain in place and officials warn that the threat of further infection is far from over. The people leaving Wuhan will flow safely and orderly with the Hubei Health Code "Green Code". Persons from other provinces who come to Wuhan and Hubei can safely and orderly move with the health code of other provinces or the “green code” of the Hubei health code. There is no need to provide a separate health certificate, flow certificate, application approval form or certificate of acceptance, vehicle pass, etc.

Based on the assessment of epidemic risk level, wuhan city promotes enterprises to resume work and production under the premise of epidemic prevention and control. Colleges, primary and secondary schools, vocational schools, technical colleges, and kindergartens in Hubei Province continued to postpone the start of school. The specific school start time will be determined after scientific evaluation based on the epidemic prevention and control situation.

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