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Experience the local family inside Ping’an Village in Longji

Post Time: January 03,2013 By Peggy Jiang

My trip to Ping’an Zhuang Village in Longji Terraced Rice Field would be an impressive one because of the unique minority culture and lifestyle.

Since the coach arrived on the entrance of the Ping’an Village, I could not help get down to get close touch with this special culture, On the entrance of the village, there were a group of Zhuang minority women. They came to me and asked whether could help me to carry the bag or not. Most people would find it was annoyance while in my view, there was another explain of that. They lived in this village which was comparative poorer than the modern city, so they would like to earn some money in this way. While finally, I also refuse their requirement.

On the way, the terraced filed scenery was charming and attractive for me. I was glad to carch this kind of picture which shown a totally different scenes from my hometown. And the hostile locals along the road left me a deep impression as well. When we asked the way, if they know the way we were looking for, they would try to tell you without any hesitation. And the women in this village were charming, their long and black hair is more like a mini waterfall . Most of them would like to sit at the door of their home and did some handicrafts or just charred with each other happily. And men here would like to smoke which made me think out a word “Terrific”!

The locals in Ping’an are most Zhuang minority. And the mainly income of this village is depended on tourism, about 50%. And the fame of Longji Terraced Field can be dated back to a story. It is said that a Frenchman had published the picture of Lonji on a foreign magazine, and the picture caused a boosting of Guilin tourism. And the picture was once taken from Ping’an Village.

Longji, which means the backbone of dragon, can be explained in this way - the mountain is the backbone of the dragon and the terraced field is the stair towards the heaven. So Longji people are proud. And as a part of Longji, Ping’an village residents are also proud.

Not as magnificent as that one in Yao minority village, terraced field in Ping’an village is smaller but not normal. The wooden structure houses of Zhuang minority are another feature. And not as colorful as the clothes of Yao minority, Ping’an village residents give me an impression of quietness. So if you would like to find a mild mood, just come here and you will know why it is attractive.

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