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Travel to Dunhuang to find my dream

Post Time: November 27,2012 By Lux Liu

For me, Dunhuang is a place I always dream to travel to. I used to imagine that Dunhuang is a city with Library Cave discovered by Taoist Priest Wang, love legends, camel ring in the desert and petals swirling by smiling Buddha Statues’ shoulder.
Travel to Dunhuang  
Dunhuang, with profound cultural atmosphere, like a deeply rooted tree and dived into the yellow sand with long, and the other end extends into the dream of people. For thousands of years, through the corridors of history, standing in the raging desert, Dunhuang has formed its own unique attitude. It is strong, mysterious, not seductively charming but still attracts numerous people want to get a glimpse of it.
The desert

Travel to Dunhuang
Exquisite carving

Travel to Dunhuang

Dunhuang stone inscription culture has a long history and brilliant achievements. After Zi Zhunle monk traveled to Dunhuang, saw Sanweishan shooting thousands of golden rays, and looked like a Buddha, he came to realize that Dunhuang was “Treasure Land of Buddha”. He drugged the first grotto on the cliff of Singing Sand Hill in 366 AC and since then more and more grottoes drugged in Dunhuang.  
Sunset on the desert 

Travel to Dunhuang
Mogao Grottoes is located in a strategic point of the Silk Road. It is not only a transit point for East-West trade, but also of religion, culture and knowledge interchange. The Mogao Grottoes, also known as "Thousand Buddha Caves, located 25 kilometers southeast of Dunhuang City. Throughout the year and abundant sunshine, the dry drier four distinct seasons, larger temperature difference between day and night. The Grotto area is 1600 meters long from north to south, up and down a total of five, and 50 meters at its highest point. 492 existing caves, murals of 45,000 square meters, more than 4,000 painted sculptures 2415, Flying statue itself. Mogao large-scale, content-rich, long history and treasure house of art known as China's "three caves, Shanxi Yungang Grottoes, the Longmen Grottoes in Henan.
Sleeping Buddha

Travel to Dunhuang

In 1900, Taoist Wang Mogao find the Library Cave in Mogao Grottoes accidentally discovered, the Library Cave hided five or sixty thousands pieces of ancient relics from fourth Century to fourteenth Century. It was a major discovery during the early twentieth Century of Chinese Archaeology which shocked the world. Dunhuang studies in nearly 100 years of study, has not only  great achievement in the academic, artistic, cultural and other aspects of achieved results attract people's attention, but also showed the world the Dunhuang’s artistic beauty, rich culture connotation, as well as the Chinese ancient people’s intelligent.

Travel to Dunhuang

When you walk along the straight and wide Dunyue road with endless Singing Sand Dune  in sight, makes this beautiful scenic road with more cultural breath of Dunhuang. Dunhuang Municipal Gardens Bureau collected 44 pieces of inscription of the party and state leaders, scholars and artists in Dunhuang and carved in 44 rocks, and now these rocks on dotted the Dunyue Road.

Desert scenery

Travel to Dunhuang

As we know, water can not coexist with fire like desert can no coexist with spring, but in the Singing Sand Dune , you can see spring neighbors to the desert. This is the first spring in desert- Crescent Spring .
 Crescent Spring is located at the northern foot of the Singing Sand Dune. The crescent-like lake is surrounded by the sand but never buried by it. The water in the lake is very clear all year around.
Changeable Desert
Travel to Dunhuang

Hiking in the desert

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