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Things to do in Spring Festival

Post Time: February 14,2013 By Peggy Jiang

Things to do iin Spring Festival
Spring Festival is an old and important celebration since the ancient time in China. It is regarded as the most necessary festival in Chinese culture. So how to spend this festival, what things should be do in this period, how about the customs in this period, let me introduce for you one by one.

Things to do in Spring Festival: cleaning
Things to do iin Spring Festival
The cleaning activity here refers not only clean the house but also clean ourselves for driving the bad luck away. This custom can be dated back to the Spring and Autumn Period. So when the Spring Festival is coming, you can see each family will clean there houses, wash clothing, sweep floors, etc.

Things to do in Spring Festival: pasting Spring Festival scrolls
Things to do iin Spring Festival
The Spring Festival scroll is a symbol to express people’s new year wishes. It is the unique expression only can be found in Chinese culture. During the festival period, each family will choose a red scroll to paste on the gate of the house. Besides purchasing the scrolls, sometimes the old would like to write the scroll by themselves in Chinese brush. It is original emerged in Song Dynasty, while developed in Ming Dynasty, during the Qing Dynasty, people add more art values to this unique expression form.

Things to do in Spring Festival: pasting paper-cutting on windows and a upside down “Fu” on the door
Things to do iin Spring Festival
In the folk, people would like to paste various kinds of paper-cuttings on the window. It is not only a sigh to express the celebration, but also as a beautiful decoration for the house. Paper-cutting is a wide spread art in our country. With hundreds of years developing, every one would like it and think it is a representative of the lucky things and best wishes.

Besides Spring Festival scrolls, some families would like to paste a “Fu(福)" character, meaning lucky, on the door. And most people would like to paste it upside down. Because in Chinese, the upside down “Fu” have the same pronunciation with “Good luck is coming(福到了)".

Things to do in Spring Festival: pasting Spring Festival pictures
Things to do iin Spring Festival
Pasting the Spring Festival pictures is also a common custom in China. The pictures that describe the prosperous celebration scenes add dense joyful atmosphere during the period. This kind of pictures reflect the locals enthusiastic and positive attitudes toward the life, the hope and the feature. The first content to painted in this kind of images is the God of Door. And with developing, more and more lucky and happy characters have been added.

Things to do in Spring Festival: Shou Sui (stay up late or all night on New Year’s eve) 
Things to do iin Spring Festival
The Shou Sui activity is the most important one in New Year’s eve. During the eve, the whole family get together, enjoy the family union banquet, and then chat with each other till the moment of crossing the old year. This activity means to get rid of the bad luck and annoyance things, and also welcome the good luck in the new year.

Things to do in Spring Festival: set off firecracker
Things to do iin Spring Festival
The custom “in the voice of firecracker to open the door” means that when the new year is coming, each family will set off firecrackers for saying good bye to the old year and greeting to the new year. Firecracker is the traditional Chinese spring festival product in China. It can be dated back to more than 2,000 years ago.

Things to do in Spring Festival: relatives and friends visiting
Things to do iin Spring Festival
On the first day of the New Year, people will get up early and wear the new clothes, and prepare to have a visit to relatives and friends. In Chinese, we call this activity “Bai Nian (拜年)"

Things to do iin Spring Festival
There are many ways to do this activity. Some would like to form a group for visiting , some are like to ask friend one by one. The custom for Spring Festival visiting is: the young visit the old, and express thank and best wishes to the old, and the old will send “red envelop” to the young. The red envelop which is with money inside is a blessing for the young.

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