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As a management tool and a great reward for employees’ efficient working, Incentive Travel has grown rapidly recent years, especially in China after reformation. With the development of the times, employees are more knowledgeable, more self-awareness and exposed to better opportunities than ever. To keep their employees satisfied and motivated, company managers, besides creating a comfort and positive working environment, have to face a new challenge that how to select a right reward to match the employee's expectations. Material reward like bonus, do its job, but to reward and motivate employees to achieve a long goal, something out of ordinary, more mental would go further. Thus the Incentive Travel program comes into being. Began in the early 20th century America, the conception of Incentive Travel spread fast. To motivate employees to perform at their highest potential, inspiring personal achievement and retaining talent, consolidating team-building, Incentive tours make great effects. After 20 years development in China, Incentive Travel obtains a certain achievement, and, China becomes one of the key destinations for international companies and enterprises. But we also have to face many challenges like many other countries do - Incentive Travel programs shortage; professionals insufficient; Marketing management out of standard. We have a brilliant future but still have a long way to go.
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2010 BIO Group Beijing Incentive Trip
2010 BIO Group Beijing Incentive Trip
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2009 HP Group Guilin Incentive Trip
2009 HP Group Guilin Incentive Trip
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2008 Chevron Group Guilin Incentive Trip
2008 Chevron Group Guilin Incentive Trip
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Top Incentive Destinations


China's capital and a well-known tourist city with interwoven sights of historical and modern times.


Steeped in history and still giving up secrets, Xian is your gateway to ancient Chinese civilization.


China's economic heart has the sophisticated mood of a modern metropolis and romance of traditional lanes.


Famous for its serene landscape, Karst limestone formations, mist-covered hills and bamboo groves.

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