Xiao Yao Jin Park


Shouchun Road, Luyang District, Hefei, Anhui Province, China

Reasons to visit

Attraction related to the Chinese story--The Three Kindom.

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Opening Hours

  • May~October:6:00a.m.-10:00p.m.;
  • November ~April of the following year:6:30a.m.-9:30p.m.

Xiao Yao Jin Park locates on the northeast part of Hefei, Anhui Province, China, and now is a city park that covers an area of 200,000 square meters. Xiao Yao Jin Park stands in the city for a long time, and has been a popular place for common people’s life. The locals usually go there for taking a walk and spend their leisure time. On the large lawn people fly a kite or picnic; children can have fun in playground or taking boating on the lake. The elder people go to the park to so morning exercise. It is the best place to see how the local’s life is.

Xiao Yao Jin was once the battlefield in the period of Three Kingdoms. In Song Dynasty, it became the venue of Hefei, but in Ming Dynasty, the high-ranking official Dou’s seized its as own possession and renamed it as “Dou’s Pond”. With the time went by, Xiao Yao Jin was under new ownership time and again till 1949, it rebuilt by the Chinese government and open to public as a city park.
Hefei Xiao Yao Jin Park
The water area takes up one third of the total of it. Xiao Yao Jin Park consists of two parts - the Eastern Park and the Western Park.

The Eastern Park is a playground for teenagers and kids. It equips different kinds of rides, a big square on the center and other recreation facilities like teahouse, small cruising boats, etc.

The Western Park focuses on landscape plants and gardening. There are Plum Blossom Hill, Peony Garden, Azalea Garden and Potted Landscape Garden, etc. Varied rockeries, bridges and corridors, pavilions dot the landscape.

The entire park is shaped like number "7", and there are two main entrances-the South Entrance and West Entrance. The South Entrance is the main entrance of it. Go in through this entrance, you will reach the vertical part of the "7" - The Eastern Park mainly featuring the lake view. Children playground and Happy Pavilion are sited in the region; if you enter through the West Entrance, you will reach the horizontal part of "7" - The Western Park featuring green plants. You can visit Zhang Liao Tomb and Historical Cultural Center of the Three Kingdoms where displays some artifacts related to the three Kingdoms. The park is open even at late night, but the rides, or other charging attractions like Happy Pavilion and Historical Cultural Center of the Three Kingdoms have limited opening hours, and you must go there in the day.
Hefei Xiao Yao Jin Park

Travel Guide

【Chinese name】: 逍遥津公园
【How to get to Xiao Yao Jin Park in Hefei】: You can take Bus Route 2, 15, 48, 106, 36, 137, 143, 155 and get off at Xiao Yao Jin Station (逍遥津), walk for a few minutes and you will reach the South Entrance of the park; or you may take Bus Route 121, 129 801 and get off at Sanzhong Station(三中), then walk for about 11 meters and you will reach the West Entrance of the park.