Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Top China Travel had a toughest time in the past two months. But we received a lot of warm greetings from our clients. Gordana's family even donated money for our tour guides and drivers. We are here to say thank you for your concern and kindness. And we hope you and your family are fine, no matter your country is affected or not.

Our headquarter is in Guilin, a small but beautiful city in southern China. With the effective control of the local government and good management of the company, it is grateful that no one in TopChinaTravel has been infected. We resumed work in April completely. Even in such a dark hour of tourism industry, we still keep replying to your emails and inquiries in time as normal.

For your concerns about our company's survival and development, we keep confident. TopChinaTravel will always be with you. As a well-known travel brand, we have a history of 14 years. Our company China International Travel Service starts from 1959. 8. Although the outbreak is really a hard hit on tourism industry in 2020, it is just a temporary impact.The travel story will not be over, you are always expected to come.

All guests are our distinguished guests, whether you are visiting China or Asia for the first time or visiting again. We really strive to provide a high-quality service at all the time to satisfy all our clients. Below are our Loyalty & Referral Programs and updated Top Asia Tours. You will enjoy a 10% -15% discount if you confirm the booking with us in 2020. Looking forward to traveling in more attractive destinations with you in the future.

Thank You for Your Donation

Name: Gordana, Subra, Brad and Tara
Itinerary: Beijing - Lhasa - Xi'an - Guilin - Chongqing – Yangtze River Cruise - Yichang – Shanghai

Subra & Gordana's family had a pleasant 19-day China trip to Beijing, Lhasa, Xi'an, Guilin, Chongqing, Yangtze River, Yichang and Shanghai on December 15, 2019. The tour consultant Tracy helped them from the beginning stage to arrange the China trip with patiently and supportively. When they visited Guilin, they stopped by our Guilin head office and met with Tracy. Subra (American Indian) said that the schedule and arrangements were very good and they were satisfied with TCT service.

During the outbreak of COVID-19 in February, the guest's wife, Gordana (American Serbian), emailed Tracy to inquire about the epidemic, and Tracy replied to the guest. Soon after, Gordana sent a second email saying that she wanted to donate to the drivers and tour guides. Soon, Gordana wired the donation to our company account. We allocated the donation to the tour guides and drivers according to the Gordana's request.

Thanks from the TCT Guides and Drivers

Dear Subra, I'm Flora, your former tour guide when you travel in Yichang Hubei. Thank you so much for your concern and kindness. Thank you for contributing generously to us. After more than 2 months fight against to coronavirus outbreak, everything in our area is going well. We are safe and healthy now. Don't worry. From the news we know that coronavirus is getting worse in USA, so please take good care of yourself and your family. Best wishes! and thank you again! Hope to see you again.



Hi Subra, how are you? How's your family? This is Susan. I was your tour guide in Chongqing. We had a great time together. Today the travel agency contacted with me and transferred your donation to me and the drive. Things are getting better here. I really appreciate your generosity. You will always be in my heart. I still keep the book you gave to me and I hope I can visit your city one day.
Dear Subra, I am Grace. I am the guide of Xi'an. I was lucky stay with you and your family. You are so kind and friendly when I received the notice that the guest would donate money to us I was particularly moved thank you for your donation to me and driver. I appreciate your support and sympathy. I believe the epidemic in our country will pass soon. are you ok now? I hope you and your family are doing well. You are a fabulous person thank you and your family very much.



Dear Subra, I'm your Beijing tour guide Anson. Thank you for your concern, and thank you very much for your attention to the epidemic in China. We will be better and better! Although you have only been in China for a short time, we have left a deep friendship. Thank you for your love and help. We will continue to deliver love and overcome all difficulties. We also hope you will come to China again. I also wish you and your family good health and all the best.
Dear Subra, I'am Ann, a guide from beautiful city Guilin. I'm writting the express sincere gratitude to you all for your donation in this battle against the NOVEL CORONA Vrius. I can never express our thankfulness too much for your support and sympathy. I believe we will be able to successfully cope with the COVID-19 Vrius and that all of us will emerge from this battle as a winner. Good luck and stay well.



Dear Subra family, how are you? I received information from my company about your donation this morning and feel very appreciated. Is everything going on well with you and your family? Thank you for your kindness, it is like the seed, grown in my heart, it will blossom and I will give love, give hope, give spring to more and more people in the world. I hope next time, you will come to Shanghai again, please come to my house. I will cook many Chinese dishes and let's enjoy it. I will show you more and more good places in China. I think spring will come soon and I hope everything going on well and your family.
Dear Subra, it is been a pleasure to hear from you. I'm your Lhasa tour guide Choendon. As our travel agency had already handled me the money which you had a offense delight of cinsere sense towards me. I want to say thanks a lot for that. By the way, this 2020 is a very offended global year caused by the CO-VID 2019, I deeply want to pray for your health. Here in Tibet, so far the epidemic is not so serious. In the future, who knows. Any way, please take care of yourself. With this I greatly want to thank onceagain for your thoughtfulness.


Letters from Our Clients


Joseph Rajendran


Temay So




Chris & Pat Tomlinson


David and Elsa Whitehurst


Peter Van De Graaff


Alberto Serra




Mr. Prethap Chandran