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The Wonder land in Northern China - Panjin Red Beach Scenic Area

( Post Time:December 26,2012 By Peggy Jiang)

If you have already visit the snow mountain in Yunnan, the crystal scenery in Guilin, the holy palace Forbidden City in Beijing, and the amazing skyscraper in Shanghai, how about the Red Beach in China? Have you ever heard of it?
The Red Beach is a large-scale eco wetland area which is located in a town of Panjin City, Liaoning Province. The splendid red beach is the unique feature that has been attracted thousands of photographers there.
Exactly location of this red beach area is the northeastern direction of the Gulf of Bohai Sea, inside the triangle wetland area of Liaohe River. This area covers rich tourism sources such as the most well-preserved and large-scale wetland in the world, the unique and valuable red beach, the world’s largest reed marshland. All of these factors form an environmental-friendly area which is suitable for most creatures especially in-danger birds to dwelling.
Liaoning Red Beach
The unique feature of this scenic area is the red beach, more like a sea of red color. The best time to visit will be the Oct. During that time, the bright red color which has been full of your eyes will let you have a deep impression in the mind for a long time.

Liaoning Red Beach
With about 20km away from the Panjin downtown, the transportation here is convenient. The scenic area is about 30km away from the Panjin Railway Station, 12km away from the exit of the Panjin South Express.
Liaoning Red Beach
Seeing cranes in reed marshland is a good place to get close to the nature. Waling inside the reed marshland, you can see various kinds of birds even the species in national protection level. At present, there are first grade state protection birds 6 species, second grade 18 species. You have chance to know the real living habits of each creatures in the exhibition hall of the wetland area.
Liaoning Red Beach
The plant of the Panjin red beach is a grass called Seepweed, the only one plant that can be survived on the saline alkali soil. Originally, this kind of plant will grow between mid-Mar and mid-Jun. The brilliant leaves will grow from the soil. During the July and August, it is the blossom period. Sept and Oct are preparing for harvest. And in the early Nov, the seeds of the Seepweed are totally mature. And in the late autumn, it is the most charming time because all of them are turning into the bright red color.
Liaoning Red Beach
Since its emerge from the ground, it is colored by red. No need to plan and protect by human being, this plant is a gift given by the nature.
This is the unique wooden structure antique architecture built on the marshland. Two zig-zag bridges stretch into the reed sea. People can appreciate the red color pictures when standing on the bridges.

Liaoning Red Beach
The Red Beach Pier is located on the Liaohe River Delta Estuary, about 18km away from the tourists center. The zig-zag bridge in a length of 680meters is supported by 519 wooden stakes. The area of the whole wooden bridge is about 2,000 sq meters.

Liaoning Red Beach
Liaoning Red Beach
Liaoning Red Beach
Liaoning Red Beach
Liaoning Red Beach
Crescent Moon Bay is a beautiful wetland zone. Because of the shape, thus the name.
The night view of Panjin City
 Liaoning Red Beach

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