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My impressive tour to Ganan: a tranquil pure land

( Post Time:November 26,2012 By Lux Liu)

Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Gansu Province is an intriguing land that even you just stop for while you will think about Gannan in your future life. It will attract you like a magnet.
My impressive tour to Ganan
The Tibetan prefecture is not the heaven and the city you live is not the hell. There is always a answer waiting for you after the normal and trouble things, and it is the “truth”.
Quiet Village

My impressive tour to Ganan

The road from Xining to Gannan is fine though it tramps over hills and dales. The scenery during the driving likes long scroll painting, so we did not feel too tired during the journey. And the Danxia landform along the road was also very amazing. 

My impressive tour to Ganan
When arriving Tongren County of Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Religion, we saw the beautiful cliff painting.
My impressive tour to Ganan

When we drove through the Gannan Grassland, there were less people, and just some small villages.
Labrang Monastery is the largest Buddhist Sutras College of Tibetan Buddhism and it is also a famous medicine college. Jiebaiwan is one of the famous Tibetan medicines with a history of hundreds of years. 

My impressive tour to Ganan
There are six Buddhist Sutras halls. The largest one is Siwenxue Buddhist Sutras Halls. 

My impressive tour to Ganan

Labrang Monastery owns the longest circumambulation road which is 7 li long. It will take 2 hours to finish the circumambulation journey.

My impressive tour to Ganan
Lama is the Tibetan language of “monk”. The life of lamas here is different from monks in centre China. Here, no one will restrain and facilitate them to learn Buddhism Sutras. Learn or how to learn sutras is their own business.

My impressive tour to Ganan

Langmu Monastery is located in a township of Guqu County in Gannan, which is called the “Eastern Swiss”, pure, peaceful and beautiful. From Xiahe and the Sangke Grassland, we drove in the vast land with blue sky and green glasses.

My impressive tour to Ganan

However, these so-called "Switzerland of the East" or "Paris of the East" is objectionable to me. This is China's scenery, Gannan’s landscape not a replica of the somewhere of western countries.

My impressive tour to Ganan

Sometimes it is difficult to make scientific and rational explanation of something, such as a place with no apparent cause but we love there. I did not even read a book on Tibetan Buddhism, but I know I had a stubborn the almost paranoid favorite without a doubt.

My impressive tour to Ganan

We find something useful with patient observation, and imagination appears to be particularly important in the process. How much the impulse, there will be how much imagination, only a strong impulse to support only tireless.

My impressive tour to Ganan
People always want to listen to stories of ups and downs, but people in these stories do not want so. Each segment has its own words to say, Gannan is also has it own words to say, just need some imagination.

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