China Train Tours

China Train Tours

China has a vast territory with stunning landscapes and crisscross network of railways. Take a train ride tour in China is absolutely a good ideal for whom really wanna experience a typical Chinese way of travelling. TopChinaTravel specially arranged this China train tours package for you to meet your requirements, whether for relaxed long distance touring throughout China; you may have chance to experience the latest hi-te by riding on the super express trains between Beijing and Shanghai, or you can also choose to enjoy a ride on the highest railway to Tibet.


11 Days North Ancient Towns Exploration Tour

Beijing, Datong, Pingyao, Xian, Shanghai

From $1491 1342

Tour Code: TCT-Cultural-02

Tour Type: Private Tour


12 Days Silk Road Adventure by China Orient Express

Beijing, Luoyang, Xian, Tianshui, Jiayuguan, Dunhuang, Turpan, Urumqi

From on request

Tour Code: TCT-Silk-Road-04

Tour Type: Private Tour


13 Days China Ancient Capitals Tour

Beijing, Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, Dengfeng, Luoyang, Xian, Shanghai

From $1463

Tour Code: TCT-Cultural-08

Tour Type: Private Tour


15 Days Highland Train Tour to Tibet

Beijing, Xian, Xining, Lhasa, Shanghai

From $2539

Tour Code: TCT-Tibet-11

Tour Type: Private Tour

6 Days Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Train Tour


From $635

Tour Code: TCT-Classic-17

Tour Type: Private Tour

6 Days Beijing and Shanghai Budget Tour

Beijing, Shanghai

From $530

Tour Code: TCT-Budget-02

Tour Type: Budget Tour

7 Days Beijing Xian Tour

Beijing, Xian

From $644

Tour Code: TCT-Classic-04

Tour Type: Private Tour

7 Days Qinghai-Tibet Train Experience

Xining, Lhasa

From $1147

Tour Code: TCT-Tibet-09

Tour Type: Private Tour

9 Days China Elite Budget Tour

Beijing, Xian, Shanghai

From $877

Tour Code: TCT-Budget-01

Tour Type: Budget Tour

12 Days Impression China Golden Route Tour

Shanghai, Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Hong Kong

From $2180

Tour Code: TCT-Classic-09

Tour Type: Private Tour

12 Days Beijing-Tibet Train Tour

Beijing, Lhasa, Chengdu, Shanghai

From $1822

Tour Code: TCT-Tibet-12

Tour Type: Private Tour

12 Days Southwestern China Minority Tour

Guangzhou, Guiyang, Kaili, Rongjiang, Zhaoxing, Sanjiang, Longsheng, Guilin, Yangshuo, Guangzhou

From $1481

Tour Code: TCT-Guizhou-05

Tour Type: Private

13 Days Chinese Kung Fu Exploration

Beijing, Dengfeng Shaoling Temple, Luoyang, Xian, Mt. Wudang, Wuhan, Shanghai

From on request

Tour Code: TCT-Cultural-05

Tour Type: Private Tour

18 Days Tour to Mt. Everest by Qinghai-Tibet Train

Beijing, Xian, Xining, Lhasa, Shigatse, Tingri, Mt. Everest, Shanghai

From $3628

Tour Code: TCT-Tibet-14

Tour Type: Private Tour

18 Days China Honeymoon Tour to Sanya

Shanghai, Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Sanya, Hong Kong

From on request

Tour Code: TCT-Honeymoon-03

Tour Type: Private Tour

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